"A Palomino?!? They’re beautiful!

Listening to The Incomparable stream the recording of their SNL draft makes me nostalgic.

I can’t begin to do the math on what my favorite sketch is, but I am historically partial to the completely bananas bits that somehow made it in.

This one still just kills me, and still gets quoted in our household at least a couple times a month.


For some weird team building exercise years ago, we all had to talk about our favorite SNL sketch and I was like: “Oh! The one where Will Ferrell is a doctor? And Dr. Poop? And Beverly? And vondruke?” And I got nothing but blank stares and somehow failed the team building exercise?

I really can’t articulate how amazing this sketch is.  It’s like every sketch draft/line edits/bad timing moment coalesces into a perfect, bonkers, beautiful trainwreck/triumph.  And the audience has no idea what to do with it.  If I had been there you’d have heard one man clapping and guffawing until he wheezed.  The entire time.

I repeatedly forget about this thing for a couple years, and then get reminded by the internet.  Thanks, internet.

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You keep these kids ignorant and then suddenly they’re in a situation that they don’t even have the words for and they have no idea what to do,” she says. “They’re not taught how to ask for consent, how to give consent, how to revoke consent and stop mid-way through. They don’t know to use protection or to demand it if it’s absent, they don’t know this will spread STIs and pregnancy. They don’t know it’s not supposed to hurt. Can you believe that? So, so, so many people think that sex is supposed to hurt the partner with a vagina when they have sex for the first time. They think that’s just the way it is, that’s just how it goes. *That* is obscene to me. Enforced ignorance that inevitably results in physical and emotional damage, *that’s* obscenity.

- Rich Goldstein asked me what I consider to be obscene in his article on my work, ‘Oh Joy Sex Toy’: The Internet’s Most Radical Sex-Fueled Comic Strip (via erikamoen)

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Internet of Things ‘99?

A concept video from Microsoft in 1999 show a bit of internet of things, with a smart trash barrel, but also a lot of other things, like cross-controlled multi-room cable box setups, which I didn’t know were a thing until like 2 years ago.

This is just a little post to remind you that that dog. is/was goddamn amazing.

This message brought to you by nostalgia for the 90s (of all things), a drink made of whiskey I infused with some stuff based on the half-remembered instructions of a bartender in Brookline, some simple syrup I’m not sure is good anymore, and lemons, and also I guess the fact that it’s past 11 and I have basically grandpa sleeping hours now.